Botany Woods Active Listings

The Botany Woods Subdivision in Greenville, SC is bordered by Wade Hampton Blvd, Edwards Road, Howell Road, and Cherokee Drive. There is a wide range of prices in the area but they tend to be much higher than the average Greenville County price. See the current active listings below. Botany Woods is known for having low turn over and it's residents staying for longer periods of time than the average subdivision. Here you will find everything from large brick ranches to modern homes to very large estates on large pieces of land. The streets of Botany Woods include: Arundel Road, Bonaventure Drive, Botany Road, Bridgewater Drive, Chantilly Drive, Cherokee Drive, Edwards Road, Estanolle Street, Hiawatha Drive, McKinney Lane, Normandy Road, Riviera Drive, Rollingreen Road, Southwick Lane, Wilmington Road, and Yorkshire Drive.

Botany Woods Information