Real Estate Made Real Easy With Electronic Signatures

One of the goals I have for my clients is to make real estate transactions as easy as possible. I have recently added electronic signature services that are making transaction even easier.

In the past, when a document needed to be signed, one of three things had to happen:

a. Meet with the client in person for signatures.

b. Email the document and have the client scan and email the signed copy back.

c. Fax the document and have the client fax the signed copy back.

All three of these methods can be very inconvenient for the client depending on their circumstances. Here are just a few of the problems that can arise when something needs to be signed:

a. The client could be out of town.

b. The client might not have access to a scanner or fax machine.

c. The client's schedule just does not work to come meet for signatures.

With the new electronic signature service, clients just need the ability to get on line. Any document, from contracts to repair requests, can be sent to the clients email and electronically signed.

The electronic signature system has already saved a lot of time for my clients. One was traveling out of town and able to sign a repair request when he arrived at his hotel. One had inconvenient work hours and was able to sign when he got off of work. The best part in each instance has been that it only took a minute or two to sign and was extremely easy for the user. The signer authentication methods used by the service make it totally secure to use. Of course, if a client is not comfortable with signing electronically, I am more than happy to do it the old fashioned way.

George Clements

Greenville SC Realtor